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Self Support Program
Bring self awareness to your life, and learn secrets of ancient Ayurveda and Yoga therapy, Pranayama in this short 24 hour program designed for personal growth. May 2017.

Introduction to Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Practices-150 Hrs. This program is specifically designed for Yoga Teachers who want to dive into Ayurvedic Principles, or, anyone who wants deepen their practice of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy as a support tool. This is our most popular program. May 2017

Ayurveda Counselor 600 Hrs  October 1st, 2017
NAMA Reviewed Professional 600 Hour Ayurveda Counselor program, offered via distance learning and online live classes.

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours (Ayurveda focus),
Sep 2017
Feb 2018

Our admin office location for yoga programs in Austin, Texas.

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INTERNSHIP July 29 and July 30

Ayurvedic Pulse or Nadi is famous for its feedback it gives to vaidyas. We will be introducing students to the concept of Nadi, and, the feedback we get from the body on a daily, monthly and a seasonal basis.

Community Workshop (Open to Public)

October 7, 2017